Book an in-person meeting with Lorri.

Please select the appointment type to make a booking. If you’re a prospective client interested in working with Sustain Financial, please select “Free Initial Consultation” to schedule your first meeting with Lorri.

Free Initial Consultation

Let’s meet to discuss what you’re trying to accomplish and to see if Sustain Financial Inc. is a good fit for your needs.

(30 minutes)

Client Intake Meeting

Ready to move forward in your work with Sustain Financial Inc.? During this meeting we’ll set up any accounts that you need, complete any required paperwork, and I’ll collect a lot of information from you about your current financial or investment situation.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Financial Planning Meeting

We’ll meet to go over your financial planning project results, or for ongoing subscription clients to go over the next piece of your financial plan. I’ll send you an email prior to the meeting to let you know what the agenda is, and what you’ll want to have ready before we meet.

(1 hour)

Annual Investment Review

We’ll meet to go over you investment performance, and to make any necessary changes to your goals, risk-tolerance, situation and timeline for investment.

(1 hour)
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